Friday, 31 March 2017


yesterday had a couple of teaching sessions at NUA which went well - here are the links - mainly trying to talk about giving in - it's that time of year within the academic world - so support is much needed - it's all about planning. talking about the why, how and what of labelling - it's all about storytelling. and then some films - Wiener-Dog
oddball is a term created for this film - any starting point that has a 'sausage dog' at its point has to be a good thing. 3 idiots a fun yet politically conscious film that has so many knowing moments. The underlying themes are wholesome. and then there have been the 2 series of lovesick - it's worth getting to season two to start to love Luke! the back story is always the key - just very sad but glorious writing. meanwhile a great sign to be found near me on the coast that helpfully explains how wonderful nature is in pictures whilst simultaneously messing it up - because you need a photograph of the space where you are standing in the actual space to help you really enjoy the space.