Sunday, 26 February 2017


As part of my project at The Maxwell Centre in Cambridge I had quite a wonderful meeting with Dr Malcolm Longair which turned into something that happens quite rarely in my life - a meaningful, challenging, fruitful tutorial. Amongst many things the experience heightened my sense of responsibility around the language I use and caused me to reflect on the slippage of meaning available for and used by an artist but not a scientist.
I had a number of great interactions throughout the day and I feel it became a transit point. There are many stages or phases to a project. With this one I purposely set out within its structure to try and break from my conventions by embedding within it notions of not knowing as a route map. I feel it is now time to know.

meanwhile Hidden Figures a little too shiny and Batman V Superman unsure why I did that. The show at CraftCo in Southwold, made I helped create with year 3 students Textile Design from NUA is down. It's been a wonderful experience - with so much learning taking place along with making some money. Hope to return with another set of students next year. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2017


two shows at different ends of a train ride - Face to Face at the Herbert in Coventry had a wide range of intriguing images of people throughout time - Paula Rego's striking image of Germain Greer has stayed with me and at the Barbican Sophie Clements's Shall I This Time Hold You? is mesmerising and Mesmerising by Richard Mosse holds you.  

Seeing his work in Venice was a haunting highlight - if you get the chance - see the work created in the Congo. Also check out Lion - you will cry like a baby!! especially if you wait till the end within the credits.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Tuesday saw me involved in a wonderful afternoon of teaching on the MA Book Art Course at Camberwell - the session set out to explore our relationship to the idea of finish and what makes something finished - see the PowerPoint for the range of individual and collaborative responses to the concept. Starting as one then in pairs, fours and eventually as eight finishedness was negotiated and deliberated, ending with a reflective moment on the whole day's journey, interspersed with moments for comment and thought.....a truly enlightening education experience. onto some recent films Jackie don't expect a standard biopic it's a film that presents a physical emotional state - it's a film about shock - using filmic devices and metaphor we experience a woman cope. 20th century women is actually a film about men, how we bring them up and nurture them from boys - some great lines and set pieces make one reflect on past and present and future conversations. Passengers is about guilt but maybe not enough - the film sets up a premise that if explored enables us to reflect on the choices we make. Some podcasts that I'm becoming obsessed with at the moment. Invisibilia looks at the issues and systems behind human behaviour Song Exploder this deconstructs songs and tracks from movies, check out Ghost face Killer and Bjork oh and Iggy Pop  The Allusionist is all about words and their meaning

Saturday, 11 February 2017


The Craft Council have just released a great overview film of Make:Shift - it really makes it look informative, dynamic and exciting - as it was - if you blink you will miss me at 1:15 (cause it's all about me!!) congratulations to the lovely Celia Pym for her deserved nomination for the Loewe Craft Prize.
Hacksaw Ridge saw Mel attempt what Spielberg did in Private Ryan with the American experience in Japan - yes we get it war is hell and pointless (with rats) but. Live by Night the KKK defeated, bootlegging, gangs, prohibition, great hats, Gleeson, Aflleck what's not to like? but.....why, what  and that ending? Denial Spall is awesome and Wilkinson riveting - the film does a lot of explaining but then it is a court case. 

Monday, 6 February 2017


A weekend in Leeds checking out the thoughtful book art show at The Tetley some interesting ways of animating texts and the book, the exhibition at The Henry Moore Institute is excellent what could our cities look like?

while wandering through Leeds the Kikgate Market is worth a visit for the structure and windows, and while getting a nice cup of tea check out the tiles in Cafe at Leeds Art Gallery Leeds also has some great places to drink - Headrow House is a nice starting point for the evening The Maven has the most beautiful and thoughtful cocktails, and although a chain The Botanist in Trinity uses flora in interesting ways

Thursday, 2 February 2017


The film is an introduction to some of the work I have been involved in at NanoDTC.
Within a very short period of encountering NanoTechDTC one is quickly divested of the notion that science is a fixed rigid occupation, I have found that within the world of nanotechnology thinking is fast and fluid, creative connections are made which always lead to an interesting conversation. It was this interdisciplinary, inclusive, outward thinking approach that attracted me to working within the Maxwell, that and the wonderful open seating spaces that provide creative nodal points and the futuristic coffee machine that fuels them.
In the initial phase of the residency I've been assimilating the wide range of processes and activities first year students engage with. This was almost a full-time job, the progress of which can be observed through a dedicated blog which occasionally drifts into hyperbole as I engage with concepts beyond my world but that very much underpin it.
I have become preoccupied by a number of issues. Whilst attending a practical demonstration I can remember slightly drifting in my mind as yet another truly extraordinary piece of information was imparted but which I was unable to fully comprehend. In an attempt to grasp an understanding I started to watch the hands of the demonstrator, there was an urgency as the demonstrator used every facility they had to communicate. I have been creating films which explore how scientific concepts and lab processes are communicated through subconscious hand gestures whilst in the lab. I developed a number of structures that mimicked or illustrated the movements made by the hand, these were then given to the facilitator to recreate the movements. This was subsequently filmed and juxtaposed with the objects or their initial movements. This small observation and subsequent body of work has instigated conversation and debate and raised consciousness amongst scientists about how we communicate.
The question of what science looks like is a strand of my research, the machines including the electron microscope and AFM in combination with the imaging software connected to them create a science aesthetic which exudes trust. Working with software more familiar to the art world I have developed a number of images and films that mine this aesthetic creating a dialogue around what information looks like.
I have encountered a number of machines that map surfaces but to enable this they are calibrated to 'fire' matter at surfaces they are investigating, the evidence of this activity is mapped, the space between surface and probe providing answers. I am currently following a line of enquiry that looks at this, making physical something that cannot be seen by casting the negative space of the folding structures that explored the hand gestures, fixing a moment in time. if you would like to read/see more

Wednesday, 1 February 2017


I spent the afternoon yesterday at the studio of sculptor Laurence Edwards casting negative space - it's a great place to think and my time there allowed me the opportunity to play with 'traditional' materials - it was really nice to be around like minded people and have the stuff of stuff lying around to allow space to reflect on the nano project. Laurence's work is becoming monumental with lots of technical issues to be solved which I like watching, you can feel solutions in the air, the space is all about process.