Thursday, 23 March 2017


This week has seen me be a small part of the organisation that is Open College of the Arts - tutorials with students from around the world. The experience of connecting around the globe is fairly awesome/humbling and at the same time very efficient. I'm in a book! - there's an image and mention in the latest publication that covers The International Contemporary Book Fair - Pages - Future Potentials / Future Legacies.  it's a great photo by Chris Taylor and an interesting overview of the paperscissorsbook exhibition by Karen Babayan. I've been selling a few items of work recently so have been updating my site I've also delivered some work to the wonderful bookartbookshop if you are in Hoxton I recommend dropping in - you never know what you might find. Today culminated in a glorious visit to D2W (I don't know if you know but 3D printing is the future)! Jonathan has a great take on this technology. I also got to see a number of exhibitions which were all inspirational - White Cube at Mason's Yard - Fred Tomaselli is stunning - the psychotic doodling is a futuristic version of Tom Philips at work, makes you think!!! The supreme rifts…a measured propinquity with work by Sol Lewitt, Gabriel Orozco, Gerhard Richter, Ettore Spalletti and Niele Toroni at Marian Goodman Gallery is stunning. The Richter structure is very special and his line piece feels like it is physically changing you. At Carroll / Fletcher the film piece by Wood and Harrison Semi Automatic Painting Machine in the basement is excellent - serious fun... obviously Eva and Franco Mattes are awesome but Michael Joaquin Grey's Citroid System Play Room  has some exciting elements. The whole show is a winner -  Looking at one thing and thinking of something else. An Exhibition in Four Parts - Part Four: Disrupt / Disorder / Display