Sunday, 15 January 2017


it's really nice that the bookwork's in the show for paperscissorsbook will be shown at The Tetley International Artist’s Book fair 2, 3 March -  then at the Arnolfini in Bristol on the 1st April at the book fair.  It's wonderful to see that Collective Investigations are showing gutter - a curatorial experiment and an investigation into the contextual presence of book as an object and as art object  
8 students from the BA (Hons)Textile Design Course at Norwich University of the Arts have taken up the opportunity of showing work within the CraftCo gallery in Southwold. The project set the students the task of developing their practice and steering it towards the creation of objects of desire that will be for sale. It has been an intense time for the students in their last year at University. From the initial invitation through to their initial proposals and the development towards final pieces has been only 2 months.   
The wide ranging work on show is testament to the creative minds of the individuals involved alongside the student centred approach to design that is embedded within the Textile Course at NUA.
You will be able to see items that have creative and practical value with innovative thinking at their core, activity involved includes spinning, weaving, knitting, embroidery, printing. There will be scarves, bags, jewellery, badges, masks,  even tea towels.
The work in the exhibition is affordable and accessible, I would recommend coming to see these designers at the start of what will be exciting careers so you can say you saw them first and while there why not buy while you still can afford it.

recent films include Deepwater Horizon a standard by the numbers film - evil corporation, money over lives of individuals - profit rules - plucky individual heroes - but I love the line spoken by Mark Wahlberg's character - 'Hope is not a strategy'. Train to Busan Zombie action that has some disturbing visuals and follows Zombie rules in brutal detail. La La Land - - disappointing maybe even a boring sad film where you are told that you can't have everything. It does all the cine literate stuff - great but obvious lighting, sets that nod to other films etc but I found Bad Moms  - a tighter more interesting portrait of women - a feminist vision indeed - it passes the Bechdel test and presents strong women who take control. It also has the PowerPoint to die for!

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Thursday, 5 January 2017


I am the morning, you are the light You make the morning such a beautiful thing I am the green grass, you are the rain Fall on me, make me grow -

there has been a lot of walking during this break - especially out in the Estuary around Orford and Aldeburgh.  But I've also 'discovered' the abandoned railway line between Leiston and Aldeburgh thanks to a renewed  interest in the area as a result of the development of another nuclear power station. some great little walks around the area...
watching Richard Linklater's trilogy before sunrise, before sunset, and before midnight in one sitting is an 'emotional rollercoaster' , and not catching the films as they came out I had missed their individual release's -but this experience was so moving - I was really glad to see them in one go - the references within each of the episodes were a beautiful light touch and the characters journey feels like it must in some way connect to the actors and of course it acts as a mirror to one's own. There has to be more - what happens when their children leave home?
a slice of Jack Reacher takes you to a place that is so familiar that the title Never go back seems a little ironic if you like the obvious broadcast 20 minutes before it happens this one is for you...

Saturday, 31 December 2016


ok everybody has to see Arrival - so many questions - where do memories come from? who makes them? what IS language? it's a truly beautifully heartbreaking mind twisting multiple discussion point film. go now - it will make you a better person. Star Wars - Rogue One  Alan Tudyk as K-2SO steals the show - all the best lines and witty commentary on the overall proceedings - once you've got past the extraordinary special effects, the detailed set dressing and death star imagery the film felt like a colouring in exercise - making the links between two known places in the story, although along the way there are some creative insights into the world that is to be defined by the force. Nocturnal Animals is so stylish that what feels like the central anti-women feeling underpinning the film almost glosses over you. It did instigate a house conversation where I tried to think of a film where the woman, even if treated badly doesn't turn into the person doing the bad thing! The woman in a broken relationship even if the one done-bad-by  always appears not to get the sympathy of the audience as they either turn into a psychopath or the one somehow deserving it by not conforming to the roles society has defined for them, and women in general. You will get to Thelma and Louise but it doesn't end well for anyone). Kurt Russell is in full on acting mode but Terence Stamp's acerbic witty remarks steal the show in the caper that is The Art of the Steal and then..... there is the great series from Netflix - travellers - if you like your sci-fi part time-travel and smart this is for you.  Meanwhile I've been working on the bookwork for the show of average sunlight for millimetre02 space, Kingsgate Workshops.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016


I believe for every drop of rain that falls
A flower grows
I believe that somewhere in the darkest night
A candle glows
I believe for everyone who goes astray
Someone will come to show the way
I believe, I believe

Elvis is on the turntable and all is well with the world - I hope you have a good holiday and a peaceful 2017


Do you hear voices? - How did I get here? Since I bought my folding bike and feeling the liberation that it has given me I now have another great connection/experience - I came across David Bryne's fabulous book Bicycle Diaries. Created in part from the freedom of having his own folding bike it takes the reader into the inside story. It's like having David talking to you - I would love it as an audiobook - having him directly in your ear. Not that I've ever met him, although I've followed his work from the early days of Talking Heads when the art teacher put Talking Heads: 77 on the turntable in the art room - yes a record player -can you just imagine that.  The list of 'stuff that has made me think' includes so much of David Brynes output - The album Remain in Light  with the truly extraordinary track Once in a Lifetime which in itself has the video where hand movements are used in a hyper unrelated way - but if we're talking about videos I have to mention Road to Nowhere  - The mind twisting film True Stories  True Stories - My life in the Bush of Ghosts with Eno with the haunting Jezebel Spirit - Here Lies Love - the Disco Opera I saw  the National  - The intriguing use of PowerPoint through Envisioning Emotional Epistemological Information  and the insightful How Music Works with ideas of space and time and their relationship to music.

tonight its Klanghaus in Norwich.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016


Sweeter than wine - Softer than the summer night - Everything I want, I have - Whenever I hold you tight - that change in tempo gets me every time...listening to the Drifters as an antidote to all the sleigh bells. 
meanwhile - some films - American Honey explains so much about America - it's a must see-American dream-dysfunctional-backward looking-romantic-entrenched-hopeful-searching-coming of age- road move- film which at its heart is about loss and longing.....for belonging and to be loved. With its endless choreographed chase scenes Fan feels like classic Bollywood. There is also a great slice of meta film-making - in one scene the actor Shah Rukh Khan plays a fan who is playing him playing himself!  Spectral a Netflix construct did what it set out to do - it's a sci-fi  shoot-em-up with the most excellent costumes and attention to detail - shame about plot, story and dialogue.

This week alongside working on the films for it's been all about trying to finish off a year's work around the teaching I do, including creating the timetables for the assessment presentations the students are to give and creating presentations that I am to give when I get back next year.