Saturday 2 March 2024


A morning of Pecha Kucha’s at Kings on the synthetic anatomy course. There were some excellent presentations covering a huge range of topics underpinned by specific anatomy and biology in plants, animals and humans. The projects are going to be most excellent. Listening to Nile Rodgers speaking with Louis Theroux on his podcast - loved the idea that the concept behind Chic that it was thought of by themselves as a support band for a hugely famous band. This meant that they had to come out and be full on. Most excellent. Went to Unravel: The Power and Politics of Textiles in Art at the Barbican. A good show with some excellent examples displayed in an interesting space. Most of who you would expect are all there with some interesting work from other parts of the world. Onto screens – One Day – how can you not get emotional at all that loss? F1 - how can you not get emotional at all that excess?

Sunday 18 February 2024


A full day at Kings - What is gained through the process of translation? An initial idea, manifest in words focused into an equation and then made 3D in response. Following the process led to fantastical outcomes. I'm so excited to see how the projects develop and what the students eventually end up with. The afternoon was all about death and bodies - more drawing in the dissecting room. Being in the presence of so much emptiness is so odd yet strangely I seem drawn to the room and its otherness. The stacks of body parts can be disconcerting but when one part is laid out on the metal table, I feel able to focus my looking, making initial tentative marks, wanting to do 'right' in some way. Seager gallery  has a great show of work that brings together 8 artists making work about video games, investigating the architecture of game spaces. It’s part of an ongoing series, the first of 4 shows. Onto screens - Upgraded – the usual strangers meeting on a plane etc Anyone but you – the usual strangers meet in a café etc – just finished Mr and Mrs Smith – what an ending!

Sunday 11 February 2024


Another great day with synthetic anatomy at Kings - this week was all about recognizing and harnessing graphic communication tools - how do we communicate without words? In 11/2 hours we went from literally nothing to full table displays of environments containing characters with extensive narratives via genetics, translation and family trees. Glorious. Part of the workshop was to pay homage to a work by Donald Rodney - the film is one outcome. Popped into the curve gallery Barbican to revisit Julianknxx exhibition - choras in memory of flight. It is very moving, especially the first film, the character seemingly taken over, their body convulsing. Onto screens - I rewatched Ad Astra - so moving - the attempt at connecting with a father over a huge distance only to let it all go left me a little bereft. Zone of Interest - I was so worn by it - the endless everyday banality of living next to a concentration camp! And the sound track which feels like both background and a leading character - truly disturbing. American Fiction – a slow dark uncomfortable burn, glorious.

Tuesday 6 February 2024


Week 3 on the synthetic anatomy module at Kings was fantastic – the bag anatomy session was a treat as proto scientists gave meaning to inanimate objects, just as I said artist's have titled their work, the titles giving entry points and meaning. The module goes from strength to strength It’s great to value each years’ experience, with our learning building on and with each years knowledge rather than a wholesale rewriting of the course every year. What is it to communicate without being able to talk? I like the idea of rules, systems, choice and how intuition is navigated within the workshop.The afternoon was spent drawing in the dissecting room. Alone in a room with dead people and fridges of many random parts of dead people was 'interesting', a strange privilage. I spent a lot of time looking, and marvelling at what I had on the table in front of me. It was only after that I realized that I had focused on hands and feet, the places I had just tattooed. Exploring the bones and tendons under the skin explains the intense pain the week before! Juxtaposing the images of my tattoos with my drawings seems to make sense as resolved outcomes. It was a real privilege. Onto screens – Ferrari – a strangely predictable story but set in beautiful countryside. Welcome II the Terrordome – more odd dystopian future. The Beekeeper – the Stath doing Stath things (killing people creatively) American Star – yes I am a killer, but with a heart! Started Mr and Mrs Smith – nonsense but great fun!

Saturday 27 January 2024


Quite possibly the best team building exercise ever - a great day at Kings running a workshop on the synthetic anatomy module. Working through Edward de Bono’s 6 thinking hats we set the task of devising an equation for a successful experiment there was many revelatory moments and simultaneously it enabled the groups to bond, each member sharing their skills and identifying their strengths. I think all courses with or without collaboration could use this idea. After lunch it was off to 3 hours of tattooing - l'm a little sore - the feet were particularly painful but it all looks amazing and as well as placement, where it explores the mechanics of the body the new work has an interesting dialogue with the existing marks - another beautiful job by @jims_skins There is a nice show in Norwich - they do a great job of supporting young practice with a scheme that gives access to free studio space. Liked the work of @alysfineart - lots of possibility in the pieces. Onto screens - Anatomy of a Fall – mesmerizing truths laid out to seduce your prejudice. The Boys in the Boat – initially unsure if this wasn’t a ‘Hallmark’ film – mawkish soundtrack. Next Goal Wins – I wanted it to be funnier. Started True Detective – 2 episodes in and I’m hooked.

Sunday 21 January 2024


The 1-minute films are slowly getting edited. Meanwhile - working at Kings - Synthetic Anatomy Day 1 - I think there is some interesting research to be undertaken about iteration around teaching. I think this year’s 1st day was possibility one of our best - clarity of intention was key, we are getting very good at working with students to develop learning criteria. The session was excellent, building a shared understand whilst simultaneously surprising ourselves. There were some interesting conversations which I brought back into my world, both as anecdotes and also into my own practice as a maker. I particularly liked the idea of the wildcard criteria that could be a driver of one’s own iterative process. Interested that what we value is what we decide to measure or is it what we measure is what we decide to value. I loved the idea of a 'good version' of a 'bad' bridge being 'better' than a 'bad version' of a 'good bridge' and the structures themselves were fascinating – on the way home I continued to read 12 bytes - Jeanette Winterson. It's a collection of thoughts whose focus is ai - it was fascinating finding out the way quantum computers (the next generation) work - that quantum bits exist in many places but when observed (measured) they take on a defined form and can be observed only in one! Unsure how that relates but in some way it seems relevant to the conversations that came out of the crits. Onto Screens - The Painter – just...odd. Role Play – I think we’ve been here before.

Sunday 14 January 2024


Just about to start work on synthetic anatomy – this iteration is going to be better than ever. Barbie Pink! Changing the colour has an interesting effect on the structure of the latest prints. A fascinating morning at Greenwich Maritime Museum – interesting to see how embedded textile activity was in enabling Great Britians colonial history – rigging, sails, uniforms – the usual! The walk into town to White Cube along the Thames was fascinating. Great to meet friends and see for the third time The Gormley Show. Later a surprise birthday party (great fun!!) topped off the day. Onto screens – The Holdover – strangely slow but worth the effort. Infinity Pool – gloriously traumatic, fantastic. Lift – a heist on a plane lacking twists.