Saturday, 18 October 2014


An excellent dance experience at The Dance House in Ipswich – Park by Jasmin Vardimon was somewhere between narrative and abstract, sometimes this was good and at other times quite annoying. There were a number of extraordinary moments and sequences where individuals became part of a larger group – moving in unison and then breaking off and becoming individuals again. A nice touch was covering the dance area in corrugated cardboard – their steps leaving a trace of what was........a form of mapping or documentation - uuuuummmh
I’ve spent the day in Colchester at the Minories with The Colne and Colchester Embroiders Guild – a really fascinating workshop with a group of thoughtful, individuals who come together as a really supportive group – the discussions were wide ranging and encompassed such issues as fame, authorship, the role of the artists in society, contexts for looking and displaying, technology as a driver of creativity and material understanding. This was all within a practical framework of the exchange of skills, although the day turned out to be really about thinking and developing starting points.

I spent some time in a pound shop buying goods for the year 1 students at NUA who are going on the trip to Hunstanton. One of the many fun exercises planned is to create work in a team from a pile of everyday stuff – so far one packet of rizlas, a ball of string, one paperclip, an envelope and a chain like the one you have on a plug for the sink – it will be fun.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Looking forward to watching Play at the Dance House in Ipswich on Friday. It’s a 3D-imaging-dance-fest by the Jasmin Vardimon Company. Teaching at NUA and on the OCA so far this week has been all about audiences and the makers relationship(s) to making - why do we make the things we do and who are they for?

meanwhile – it’s nice to see that Glasgow School of Art are pointing out the work I undertook with archives as having some value

Friday, 10 October 2014


a mixed week, in terms of types of activity rather than quality! of interesting teaching, especially running a workshop around reflective thinking at nua - its quite a concept to ‘get your head round’ and it was a joy to watch individual students ‘get it’ in front of me. in the studio I spent most of the week folding for

meanwhile over at twitter it’s been interesting to watch from the sidelines the collaborative meta conversation that is Kenneth Goldsmith - Kenneth Goldsmith - its important to know that Kenneth Goldsmith is a founder of ubuweb and a little background on his practice to ‘get’ it.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Secured tickets to see Here Lies Love at the new Dorfman Theatre can hardly wait as it sounds a little bonkers. We now own a little piece of live art history – securing La Ribobs ‘chair’ at a gala auction in the Vauxhall Tavern to support Live Art Development Agency. I really like Marcia Farquhar’s comment -  LADA is a place for people who don’t know their place.’  
Lawrence Weiner at South London Gallery is quite a statement! – the main gallery has one statement on the wall and a graphic response on the opposite wall whilst upstairs the domestic space battles interestingly with the scale of the text.

Some interesting teaching this week – presentations, seminars and tutorials – an interesting world of specific and particular language- a space of intention and discussion that really is quite wondrous – so much so that I often feel so elated that I feel some sort of sorrow for the rest of the world who aren’t part of it!! – check out

Sunday, 5 October 2014


I've been thinking about tension within textile activity for some research I'm involved with and I came across this video from Venice - I love the creaking of the rope as it works against itself.
A couple of days at the Flipside festival at Snape Maltings – the opening party was an interesting event – Giles Peterson providing Brazilian sounds, although unsure where Rod Stewart fitted into this concept.  I really enjoyed Lionel Shriver and Paulo Scott talking about their work – it provided a number of beautiful insights into the reasons for writing and specifics around particular pieces of their writing – went onto read Lionel Shriver’s  short story and loved the crafting of words – the until – and unless.
Looking forward to delivering year 3 briefings tomorrow at NUA – it’s their first day back – that means only 228 days till they leave.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


distracted by cassette boys latest - 


having trouble getting this track out of my head today ..... while working on the session for year 1 textile students induction at NUA - its going to be a good one.