Wednesday, 8 March 2017


A weekend in Glasgow - some friends, some drinking and some eating but also some seeing - A night of Scratch performance as part of Take me somewhere festival was a range of experiences - editing, try it - is always advice in these circumstances but I am left with a woman covered in hair, the strong smell of weed, breast feeding, a talking cloud, doppler sound, glitter, visual sound bites, ironic hipness and the best face painting ever. The Hunterian - all good. CCA was all inclusive and active art participation stuff but my experience there mainly focused around trying to buy a coffee and getting into the argument of how to do it with the person serving - went away deluded around the roles of customer/server. The documentary films by John Samson at The Gallery of Modern Art were excellent - wonderfully, charming and yet painfully, gloriously dated - showing a time of grime and a tarnished past - the subject matter - tattoos, steam engines, fetish wear and Eric Bristow - whats not to like. seek them out. Transmission the space of song lyrics has a queer Caribbean show - great use of balloons and text. The Modern Institute is a beautiful space, if felt modelled on New York loft spaces but that could be to do with its location and the busy disengagement atmosphere of the people working there. Tramway  had a hauntingly melancholic film by Oliver Laric -  it just makes me want to weep. Initially the work of Claire Barclay is stunning but the more time spent the more one starts to unpick some choices and eventually one is left looking at the space and surfaces of the materials used.  St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art overlooked by the creepy necropolis is a great find - so many inspiring pieces crammed together to form a kind of knick nack soup of religiousness. Glasgow - worth a visit.