Tuesday, 25 September 2012


1 day down – 1094 to go for the new cohort of textile design students at nuca - a good day with lots of input and information for them to take in mixed up with interaction with each other.  and the construction of the letter that they write to themselves to be given to them 3 years from now just as they start to put together their work for the final show -  its a moment to consider why you are on the course, what you want and to construct your own version of success.

working on a Pecha Kucha presentation for the Research into Practice Unit on the Post Graduate at nuca has thrown up some images from Malta – working with string to create mass and images within a space – must add this image to talk about materials and their inherent qualities.

the show at Imago Gallery is now down – a nice link to CAMAC blog site - http://londondesignfestival.tumblr.com/post/31788106469/camac-design

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


its all good – spent the day in Norwich organising the studios for the arrival of the textile students at nuca – everybody in the 1st and 3rd year gets their own space, something that the students have requested - with the 2nd years having a more flexible space as most of term 1 and 2 is spent on work placement. we also have a huge new free studio space to have mass group work – seminars, drawing sessions  and professional practice workshops. looking forward to the arrival of the new students next week – we’ve been planning some exciting bonding workshops for the 1st years in induction week.
got to snape on saturday evening to see the new opera by david toop - a star shaped biscuit – http://davidtoopblog.com/ sitting outside in derelict buildings listening to the most extraordinary voices floating in the air mixed with distorted harp and a hurdy-gurdy which was attacked with much vigour – and bats - it doesn’t get much better –topped off with the walk back in the dark through the reed beds to iken cliff.

Friday, 14 September 2012


The new work for the Tate turbine hall is interesting in that you truly have to experience it - I think that it's best if you have no knowledge of what you are about to encounter so try and get there before you are told anything or find out too many details.
And then there are the tanks - an enormous, odd space - in a good way - and the smell- the experience only spoiled by a Tate education person instilling in a group of children how to hate art and that galleries are not for them by constantly telling them how important the artists were in the show, to move slowly, be quiet and work on their own and showing signs of weariness when the children weren't creative in the right way. I thought we had moved on from this nonsense.
The Saatchi gallery http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/ has an interesting show of Korean artists which is fascinating as I have taught, am teaching and will teach Korean students at Camberwell on the Book Art course and the show has many examples of the issues that the students are engaged in and preoccupied with. And it was a joy to see the Richard Wilson piece 20 50 in a new space - and the smell!
A hidden but thorough exhibition deep in the bowels of the V&A that is worth seeking out is transformations an exhibition of work around the theatrical experience focusing on set design - excellent - with examples from early London stage props to the opening of the Olympics http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/articles/t/transformation-and-revelation-gormley-to-gaga.-uk-design-for-performance-2007-2011/
The soundworks show at the ICA focuses on Bruce Nauman's Days but there is also a room where you can listen to your own selection from an eclectic list of a 100 artists -  a link to the site - www.ica.org.uk/soundworks
And the culmination of the day - the private view at The Imago Gallery of the wallpaper society competition was a very professional affair - so If you happen to be walking along Clifford St - between Savile Row and Bond St I have some work hanging in ALL the windows of the Imago Gallery till the 20th. While you are there check out the Louis Vuitton window.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


images from the smocking is evil? body of work have been outputted as large format prints and sited in the windows of the Imago Gallery at 4 Clifford St, Mayfair, London till the 20th Sept.

Thursday, 6 September 2012


A most excellent day culminating with the private view at Camberwell – this was the culmination of the students work manifest in a range of eclectic possibilities. it was great to watch the public become an audience for their work. There really is no house style and I feel that we really do endeavour to support the individual student’s journey which is as varied and diverse as their backgrounds.  As ever it was really good to meet past students and to catch up with what they are up to. The Camberwell Book Art Alumni have infiltrated and embedded themselves into many creative positions across London and out into the wider world.
It was good to meet Simon Goode who is the person behind the first ever UK book art centre out in Hackney Wick - I see some positive things coming out of this. www.londonbookarts.org
The morning was the final session of the creative carer’s project for Artlink at the coop education centre in Ipswich. Interesting to be in the presence of people battling for positive care experiences and then juxtaposing this with the creativity taken for granted world of higher education - my notes include comments like celebrating what you do - confidence building - small steps - grasping opportunities - enriching the everyday - building on what is there - having said that it does sound a little like one of my professional practice seminars at nuca.