Friday, 27 September 2019


A really good session with year 1 students at NUA - bookmaking leading to innovative sketchbooks. The tension and general sense of unpleasantness continues with season 1 of Succession I'm struggling to find a character I feel any sympathy with, although the lost son's collapse into drug addiction seems like a positive! Toy Story - does what it does but waits to posit the challenging questions towards the end - or at least after Forky turns up....we have to talk about the class act that was Shia LaBeouf on Hot Ones - it's a winner -

Friday, 20 September 2019


week 1 at NUA and this year's year 1 students have been wonderful - a great sense of energy is in the room - we have spent the week getting to know each other in and out of the building - A day in Cromer was glorious - the weather helped but the thinking was good and a day with colour yesterday demonstrated a strong sense of intuitive thinking - It's looking like they will be a good year.
meanwhile Season 2 of big little lies is all about will they get found out? after who did it? - and as everybody is fairly obnoxious or at best unlikable its odd that you care about whether they do. Sometimes, always, never -  - a lovely Bill Nighy experience of a film, written by the wonderful Edwyn Collins. Late Night - tries hard but is just ok, the end shot in the writers room is almost ridiculous. Dead in a weak - a moving English dark comedy but the ending is not Richard Curtis.  Fast and Furious presents Hobbs and Shaw - best to hold on to anything fixed down as I don't think this film slows down to 70mph at any point - a winner (but utterly preposterous obviously - it is Fast and Furious).

Tuesday, 10 September 2019


7 days in Croatia - in between sun bathing, swimming, eating and drinking I managed some time to read - Catherine Lacey - The answers - a tale of girlfriend deconstruction. Ian Mcewan - people like us - a tale of how machines want to be treated and how we treat them. Everything you ever wanted - Luiza Sauma - a tale of madness loss and pain towards on the way to redemption. The Wall - John Lanchester - a Kafkaesque dystopian tale of separatism. Second life - SJ Watson - a dubious tale of unravelled women and oppressive men. Back to 'reality' with meetings about timetables, introduction to electronic registers and more timetables.