Monday, 31 December 2012


A good break so far – spent a lot of it with a present I bought for myself – How music works by David Byrne. In amongst the astute theories about the music business from the perspective of a musician are some insightful personal comments that have enforced some thoughts around sound and made me reconsider the role of music in my life. The relationship to space and technology was particularly good. As a fan it was excellent to read the background to the thoughtful, intelligent music that has been in the background since 77 was played in the art room at Binley Park Comprehensive. Gone back to the source More Songs About Buildings and Food, Fear of Music, Remain in Light and My Life in the Bush of Ghosts have been on the turntable all Christmas. 

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

12 12 12adayoftwohalfs

the morning was spent working on an application that required a new artist’s statement –

I have a history of working with the book form and its associated processes, including printing, paper construction, typesetting, design, image and text, binding and book structures. The more conceptual issues of narrative, editing, publishing, production and display are also a large part of my work
These very practical issues are underlined by how my work and ideas in general are conceived and developed, which is through the exploration and utilisation of ideas at the root of book; sequence, control, communication, and revelation.
Navigating a practice where physical outcomes and practical issues are dependent on the opportunities available with each individual context enables flexibility and a huge range of outcomes to be defined as my practice from permanent sculptural installations to ephemeral giveaways and presentations. At the core the investigative values are focused, which is simultaneously liberating and supportive.
The book, a symbol of power and knowledge is seen as a vehicle to communicate directly; it is a form that is understood in these terms. My practice often repositions its context and by redirecting its purpose the work challenges these very notions. The art becomes a question rather than an answer, a collaboration in the mind and hand between maker and reader/viewer/audience.
The practical aspects of the book form, of disseminating information; of making things clearer are also questioned. The bookworks I make explore the idea of form as content and their manipulation enables multiple narratives creating a space for the reflective experience, taking time to connect, look, listen, and consider.
Recent work has seen my practice move away from large scale consultative, structural public art interventions and returning to physical making, using and developing practical skills to make objects/things. Supported by a GFA Arts Council Grant I have been exploring the role of the fold within historical and contemporary textiles and printed matter held in heritage collections within the Eastern Region. I am creating a body of work in response to the material I am encountering within the archives and collections. This will be exhibited in 6 exhibitions and support a number of workshops and talks. The second strand of the project is mapping possible entry points to the collections and looking at developing new ways in which the material could be accessed by the public.

The afternoon was spent in a care home in Ipswich where I ran a workshop as part of creative carers. The session centred on objects, touch and memory.  It was a really good time, Christmas was in the air and everybody seemed up for it – even residents who came just to watch joined in and we ended up with a card/bookwork/decoration/folding event

Tuesday, 11 December 2012


The presentations yesterday were an extraordinary success. They were in the form of pitches at the end of a weeks collaborative project between small groups of students on the textiles BA at nuca. The project was the result of an internal staff workshop at the end of last Summer where ideas around learning and teaching were discussed. It was felt that students needed to have a more structured course within year three. So it was decided to rethink the two long units into multiple smaller sections - so that the students could create a wider body of work, more finished pieces and experience a range of teaching approaches.
So far so good - a mass of learning has taken place, the feedback is very positive and I believe they are better designers and individuals, more ready to take on the challenges of the workplace because of it. Looking forward to building on this after christmas.
The day today was all about staff research - an opportunity to see some of the research individual members of staff are engaged in at nuca - a space to share good practice and build relationships with people one only sees at staff events.
The morning was comprised of a range of exciting, thoughtful and professional presentations - I really am surrounded by some most excellent people doing fantastic things.

meanwhile - finally sorting the station at beccles!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Its Wednesday but just getting round to this - a weekend of films – both with a focus in the middle east – Argo a Hollywood romp that sets you on a thrilling ride with final scenes that take your breathing away.  Ben Affleck does a wonderful directing job and acts a beard well, don’t leave the cinema as the credits add another layer. Incendies blows up in your face – less easy to find but worthwhile as it has provided a restless night and the inability to sleep past 6.00 (hence writing this). A staggering journey of what it is to encounter the past, the film beautifully, brutally unfolds leaving a kind of open scar as it undoes itself.
Looking forward to a week of work in Norwich both at nuca and then at the Costume and Textile study centre and also a day at MEAL. 
Starting the third stage of the rethink around the structure of year 3 on the textile course at nuca. Stage one was an open phase of finding your practice, then after a presentation there was a period of focused study – today I introduce the first of two group collaborative projects – its only a week but working together will be an interesting test and good practice for the future. have started the countdown to the moment they leave in seconds - it makes it seem longer.
Next week - gets a little hardcore in terms of time left. Time to get on -
Continuing to work in stitch and the pleat – slightly obsessed – I don’t think that it will pass.