Monday, 27 May 2019


In between the busy time of assessing and creating exhibitions as part of my teaching duties I've been working on the second iteration of knowwhere, the miniature space within the studio. This is a series of works based on the structures that support works within museums. Meanwhile some exhibitions - Mike Nelson's poignant display at Tate Britain  Joanna Piotrowska's extraordinary photographs at Tate Britian Kate Coopers formidable videos at the Hayward Us was truly disturbing, a dark tale of slavery and oppression in a capitalist world. Catch 22 another study of capitalism, another form of control. Less than a week to go to Pulse at The Wolsey in Ipswich - so much theatre in two days - scratch day and suitcase day are upon us suitcase day is such a great idea - having to bring all props for the show on public transport in a suitcase.

Saturday, 18 May 2019


My paper/presentation at turn the page symposium  seemed to go well - it was a little rambling as I attempted to cram 27 years of thinking about book art and bookness into 40 minutes. It was great to be surrounded by like minded people and listen to inspiring presentations - Maria White speaking about the idea of collecting was absorbing and Kate Farley's thoughts about reading patterns has got me thinking!
I recently went to the extraordinary Chateau la Coste a space of splendid calm where art wine and architecture are surrounded by ancient Provence landscape. The work of Tadao Ando is particularly special. After staying at imprints in Crest  where the market is so wonderfully French - if you boiled down all of Frenchness you would get this place A quick trip to Marseilles is always a bonus and in the railway sidings I noticed this building.
It's that time of year when several festivals are in full swing - at Aldeburgh Festival I saw Bastard Assignments  who make experimental sound performative work - Neo Hulcker's piece crackles was excellent. At Norfolk and Norwich Festival Shon Dale-Jones of  has been performing a trilogy which demonstrates his wondrous storytelling skills. I'm looking forward to Pulse at the Wolsey in a couple of weeks  Meanwhile it's also that time when assessments are about to kick in - so far a day of reading reflective thinking and professional practice thoughts has been informative.

Thursday, 16 May 2019


the nicest comment so far has been that my rambling pluralistic presentation contained nothing controversial but was inclusive and allowed people to realize that its okay - relax - play. this is a link to the presentation given at the Turn The Page Symposium in Norwich @ttpABF -

Tuesday, 7 May 2019


I have a created a new space called knowwhere - it will be a place to show large scale work within a small space. the first show is of pieces that came out of a making day for the Open College of the Arts - OCA. Meanwhile I'm working on the talk for Turn the Page - its developing into 3 stages - 1 bookness explored, 2 the practice created as a result working within the concept, 3 specific deep dives using recent activity - Book as hand tool for thinking maker – object – audience, space of a book - the influence a book inhabits and rethinking the idea - the books influence. The images are sorted I just have to work out what words go with this.
meanwhile I have to recommend a couple of books - 4321 a stunning book by Paul Auster it is a mind swivelling trip of possibilities that might just make you rethink your life - everything will be. Middle England by Jonathan Coe  is a dark comedy commentating on our time. I sat through all 10 episodes of Homecoming  in two sittings in a kind of moreish exercise where you are unable to stop watching. The show has some excellent acting in between the rather odd (in a good way) cinematography. Lunatics by Chris Lilley goes up to a mythical line of acceptable taste and sort of rubs it out - but again in an interesting way. The Orville by Seth MacFarlane is a great comedy nod to Star Trek - worth a watch but it doesn't stress the brain cells too much but again this may be a good thing. Serenity has had a tough ride with the critics, yes its wooden, yes the twist is signposted a mile away, yes everybody is a 2D trope but I really enjoyed the beautiful sadness.

Saturday, 4 May 2019


Planning towards the final show for OCA is well underway - the exhibition will be an eclectic affair which is what you would expect from an exhibition of international students from all over the world.  checkout the work at  Year 3 at NUA is culminating in a few weeks - as ever it's that time in the education cycle where we have a graded engagement with the final process. The range is from people who have planned and are working through their lists through to those looking for a time machine to try and solve their issues. Camberwell starts again in a couple of weeks, it will be interesting to see what the students have been working on over the Easter 10 weeks of non teaching.  Meanwhile the work for the exhibition in Wyoming has been sent off. I am particularly excited by the editioning process and final outcome of one of the handheld pieces that started life with nanotech in Cambridge.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019