Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Another fantastic day of teaching on the Book Art Course at Camberwell - The Review - basically it's a 4 hour conversation about art that focuses around new pieces made by the students on the course - a mid-term session to support and direct practice. went to see the extraordinary dance piece Stepmother / Stepfather by Arthur Pita & Headspacedance at The Place - highly recommend it if you like your dance big on narrative with a large dose of the macabre. And we need defiantly need more live rewinding of time on stages! The Tillmans at Tate Modern is stunning in its curatorial display - the idea of generating an archive by looking out and then mining it to enable looking inward - the work about process which then become about ideas are beautiful and then disturbing.  Gavin Turk at Newport St Gallery is full of 'yes I get it ' and the space is wonderfully showy - all good. Hockney at the Tate...... was Hockney at the Tate and finally went into Chelsea College to see the A217 gallery - organised partly by it has a show confronting the internet at the moment - worth a visit to see new stuff before anywhere else.