Tuesday, 25 August 2009


14 days away in france – creating drawings that will become a new book – collecting images to add to the sets – some interesting grave still lives - learning that poor parking is universal  

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


i have finished Profile 2 of the PgCTL - thought that i would post the beginning and the end of the text here.
The purpose, for myself, of signing up for the Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching course has, to a large part been accomplished in that I am beginning to ask questions again. My teaching practice has been re-ignited – there is energy and creativity where there was duty and a job. Attending the 3 days residential element was an intensive experience – being presented with a range of often conflicting educational theories and ideas enabled me as a student to navigate my own path through the words. On reflection this experience has been not unlike a compressed version of the undergraduate student experience – one of being given information, again much of it diametrically opposed. The student moves from being passively presented facts and figures and then undertaking given tasks – effectively a surface activity lacking the depth of real engagement. To the student taking control, developing his or her own learning and being proactive in the pursuit of information..................................................Working with Entwistle’s (1988) cataloguing methods it became evident that there is a degree of conflict with certain teacher – student types. It is obvious if I consider the ramifications around reallocation in relation to my children that as a teacher it is my responsibility to consider very different teaching approaches to individual students and their individual needs. Maybe the re-evaluating of my relationship to responsibility has been the most interesting outcome of the PgCLT so far.


spent the day working on a film using the field next to the house - the hemp looks good with the sun behind it and the final short film will explore themes linked to hemp