Monday, 20 March 2017


work for continues. Looking forward to a visit to D2W this week with students from Textile Design at NUA. I've been working with 3D printing myself so it will be great to show the students the potential of 3D printing. I intend to get to White Cube Marian Goodman WWW.MARIANGOODMAN.COM and Carroll / Fletcher recently I've been moving through Netflix sets.....the oa is truly traumatic and the last episode takes the viewer to a very dark place when the realisation of what you have been watching is made plain....or is it?
my crazy ex girlfriend  is bonkers - I love it when the narrative is broken up by the singing and dancing which is itself subverting the very idea of the musical - the lyrics are sharp and acerbic there are so many good ones -  or try onto films - Patriots Day, the second in the series by director Peter Berg of films driven by actual events - this one makes you proud to be a Bostonian, hang on I'm not!! the edge of 17 is a screwball-sweet coming of age moment - very nice