Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Yesterday saw the hang and private view of the first of many shows this month that I will be part of. The first years on the BA in Textiles at NSAD have a show in a church in Norwich as part of a camouflage project. We managed to hang the work in approximately 5 hours and the show looks good.


I have just returned from Wells Hall Primary where i was a guest presenting the last school assembly as part of the passing comment project. An area on the Anglia Estate in Great Cornard has been transformed by Babergh District Council. I worked with their officers especially Susie Tyrrell the arts officer and the residents on the redesign which included a number of artworks. It was good to show the children how their drawings were included in the designs and to hand out copies of the manual, a creative document that outlines some of the history of the project.

Friday, 16 May 2008


I have spent a couple of days working with tape and stone that will eventually be sandblasted. the pieces are a combination of the work I'm involved with at the moment but not for anything specific.

Friday, 9 May 2008


I have just heard that I have been invited to create the designs for the protective netting that will clothe the Corn Exchange in Ipswich whilst it is undergoing renovation. This is an exciting project and the opportunity to see my work on a huge scale. The premise is fairly basic - corn exchange covered in corn! The work stems from the idea of creating a spectacle, a surprise to brighten your day as you turn the corner. The images started out life as work created during the Year of the Artist residency with Sibton Parish Council.