Thursday, 31 July 2014


thinking, reading and working on the idea of the model – the ‘middle point’ between  an idea and an object – not quite a thing yet it is more than a thought. The model can be altered, changed or somehow fulfilled by the idea of context – by the addition of another thought – an intention or an imposition.  The folding/lazer cutting has sculpture and architecture in mind linking simultaneously with the idea of tools for the hand.

Meanwhile lots of watching in the evenings – slightly obsesses by House of cards and Orange is the new black, although Netflix’s new Silverlight upgrade has temporarily disabled my use of their service – thank you Netflix. An offbeat film to recommend is Lars and the real girl – a wonderful life affirming tail of love, community and loss – beautiful Ryan Gosling is quite magnificent in a sad broken but utterly believable kind of way..

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


I've been working with illustrator creating new ideas around the modular and of course the fold and then outputting the structures using the laser cutter. As part of my ongoing investigation of form and structure I've been introducing tessellation to the arsenal of potential creative tools. The Penrose tessellation offers beautiful results which are both familiar and otherworldly and I've been astounded with how wonderful and seemingly effortless the laser cutter ‘knocks out’ interesting artefacts filled with many possibilities. Maybe the future is already here.

I was reminded of a conversation with Roger Ackling and his musing on where the work was. He asked that maybe he had missed the point all these years whilst making his art. Roger made otherworldly objects by harnessing the power of the sun through a lens. He asked that maybe the smoke was the work – beautifully poetic and at the same time laterally pragmatic. The work he made really was more than just burning lines! As I worked with the laser cutter I deliberated on what was happening and began to ask myself if maybe the space between where the work appeared to be..................was the work.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Some images of the Book Art show at Camberwell – why not make a morning of it and pop into South London Gallery – for me the shows highlight is a ‘digital flythrough’ of a space recreated within 3D software. Richard Healy, Pines, is like a Big Gay Fantasy Grand Design - it’s very specific look and particular feel for the spaces are explored and represented – it looks and sounds great.


Well a great day in London culminating in the private view at Camberwell – the show looks most excellent with some interesting inroads into the courses ongoing discussion around and engagement with book. The first show was over 20 years ago in what is now the canteen! – It’s been an exciting journey of discovery. The show titled BOOK LESS NESS is worth a visit and is on from the 16th – 23rd July. In the next room there is also some good printmaking on display! It was good to meet past students and to catch up with their success stories – they are all doing most great things and it felt good to be a small part of their journey. I also managed to meet some prospective students and some that are actually joining the 2014-15 cohort – the projection has started. There were a number of prizes awarded – not only money and prestige from a book art  Alumni group but opportunities in the form of a residency at The London Centre for Book Arts with Simon in Hackney and two interventions at thebookartbookshop with Tanya – I look forward to it all.

Thursday, 10 July 2014


poster for the upcoming show in France - the work is coming along - I was unsure whether to call it plis croisés or plis croisés croisés but folds of folded folds might of being a bit much 

Sunday, 6 July 2014


The new work looks good at Cley14 in St Margaret's Church. its worth dropping in if you are in the area - there is some good work in the show.

Thursday, 3 July 2014


The matchmaking event I was invited to attend at Kings College Hospital was very intriguing. The full-on session organised by the Crafts Council saw medical academics and makers giving one minute peckha kuchas and then speed dating for an hour with 3 minute segments - which felt like 10 seconds or/and 10 hours as it whizzed by in a blur of slow motion of new concepts and words and then 30 mins of balancing food and talking all the while assimilating complex medical research and trying to find a way of connecting practice’s which was really interesting but each conversation needed a day - anyway - efficient and organised. I learnt why medical research uses tiny fish, about robotic origami, how to grow bones, invisibility cloaks, 3D mapping of the brain using toilet roll holders and a lot of other stuff that sounded more like science fiction - but all most excellent – I responded by folding paper as a way of communicating what I do and what I have to offer - I may said WOW and mentioned Science Fiction, The Big Bang Theory, The Matrix, Star Trek a little too often - the only sadness was not having time to talk to the other makers who were all so confident, eloquent, positive and supportive. It would be good to invite some of them to talk at Norwich as part of the Thursday lecture series.
The post-grad shows at Camberwell are almost up. The Book Arts space looks really good and all the work explores as ever the wide range of inherent qualities embedded within book. Book as tool, vessel, guide, instrument, weapon and beautiful object. I recommend checking it out. It starts on the 16th july with the Private View on the 15th. 
Invigilating at Cley14Friday and Saturday - looking forward to it.

Its because they are transparent......the fish.