Friday, 7 April 2017


Spent the last 2 days working on a body of work that brings together the past 6 months of thinking. Over the past 5 days Radio 4 Book of the week has provided a series of profound moments throughout the week - John Berger - And Our Faces, My Heart, Brief as Photos. Whilst listening I've been mainly in a heightened emotional state but today it was tears throughout the last episode and from 9:03 onwards it was so truly heart wrenching that I felt turned inside out - with you I can imagine a place where phosphate of calcium is enough....................  I have now started what will be my Berger obsession - starting points were Berger will help you rethink your thinking 20:00 onwards provides answers to a key question...and moved onto the very delicate and thoughtful conversation - what books can teach us is a wonderfully intense passage and there is the ever important ways of seeing - 
quite apt that spellcheck offers up and points out our failure to conform by attempting to change Berger to Burger...onto films - catfight - a kind of sliding doors madness, but interspersed with violent obsessive insanity. upside down an interesting idea but the 'CGIness' gets in the way.

Tommy at The Wolsey in Ipswich provided a jaunting rethink of what you thought you knew of the jaunty 'sing along' musical. It really was a wonderfully demanding, eye opening, dazzling evening at the theatre - 'he's a deaf, dumb and blind kid!' - think about it, what more could it be than challenging and then there is the addition of the fiddler!