Friday, 30 August 2019


Transference, the show at Halesworth Gallery has a couple of days left to check out - based on inviting artist's to work with dry transfer lettering.  Enjoying some great parking at Luton airport lately - The City and The City by China Mieville was checked by Ralph Rugoff, Curator of the 58th Venice Biennale in his forward to the exhibition May You Live in Interesting Times. It features two separate cities that occupy the same space simultaneously with areas that can be seen from both with the idea of training yourself in the act of unseeing and unknowing. A book full of ideas but a little lacking in characters. meanwhile deep into Urban myths - a great series exploring moments in popular culture that may or may not of happened - a must see  
Backstage at Live Aid, Public Enemy (feach Kev Wells), Bob Dylan; Knockin on Dave's Door and Hitler the Artist are winners.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019


technology is great - but there are gaps, especially around information. getting to the South of France on Euro star (a great experience made even better by comparing it to any train ride in the UK, almost like a different mode of transport) anyway - if getting connection from Gare du Nord to Gare de Lyon most info takes you to the metro - don't do this - get the RER D train - From Paris-Gare du Nord, in the direction Melun or Malesherbes. From Paris-Gare de Lyon, in the direction Orry la Ville. Anyway after France - a trip to Scotland - the space above England. Living like a person in a post apocalypse world was good training for the future - no electricity, running water but lots of Gin and foraging.  A trip to the supermarkets unearthed alternatives. back with the now - Peterloo was dogmatic but solid with the last act taking up the speed.

Monday, 12 August 2019


4 days in Copenhagen and what’s not to like - the city has clean streets with benches, green spaces and playgrounds. Travelling is a truly extraordinary integrated bike/train experience, excellent clean and punctual transportation, with beautiful highly formal/folk architecture, bold physical signage/typography, and great art galleries. The food and beer is fresh interesting and feels like it’s doing you good. Apart from hanging out we went to some stunning art spaces. Getting out to Arken was fantastic. The work of Patricia Piccinini is so other - disturbing in its ability to seem so familiar and yet not, transgressing all sorts of liminal spaces. The gallery has a great cafe overlooking the sand dunes and sea, sited art in the landscape and an aesthetically pleasingly designed power station bathed in sunshine. The exhibition at salon 57 by Bob Bicknell Knight was solid and challenged notions of privacy.  We had seen the work of Jesper Just at Palais d Tokyo but it was great to see it in the formal white space of Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Good to see Der Lauf der Dinge by Fischli and Weiss. It is such a winner and always a pleasure to come across. An exhibition about Europe was painfully embarrassing as a UK citizen but it had good work by amongst others juergan Teller and the bookshop has a great selection. Getting into the flooded underground space at Cisternerne to see the work of Superflex was a real gem of a find, the space delivers an experience and is a real treat, not in this show but check out the film where they flood a Macdonald’s is alarming.  Copenhagen Contemporary had three large shows that were obviously excessively budgeted for but at the same time they felt slightly unnecessary. It’s a huge warehouse space surrounded by more abandoned yet cleverly rethought casual spaces that appears to have no formal structure or purpose, sitting and eating out is a joy here like everywhere else, lines are blurred and everybody seems really nice and positive. Cycling everywhere is a pleasure. At night Christiania was an interesting space to hang out. Late night motorised scooter action hire around Cykelslangen was fun until a crash resulted in a sore head, ribs and heavy bleeding! We shall be back.....

Monday, 5 August 2019


after a busy period of house repairing I've been working on clearing out the large studio - stuff has got to go!!! do I really need 10 record decks, 3 full sets of encyclopedias or seed pods collected on a beach in the South of France 10 years ago...... you never know when you might need them - best to just burn some old work as a distraction.
meanwhile Rocketman is a gem of a film - clever and witty, Men in Black International attempts something - but just a bit too knowing with large weaponry and special effects seeming to get in the way of whatever it was trying to do. John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum - glorious nonsense, possibly the worst one yet - you gotta love the madness but a story of some kind would help. Shaft - Samuel Jackson chewing the set just this side of obnoxious, maybe that's the point. Skin - dark and disturbing, leading to redemption via a fractured narrative, all in a good way. The White Crow - has some wonderful scenes of Nereyev looking at paintings and the way dance is filmed is truly beautiful.  Killing Eve ended - uummh.