Wednesday, 1 June 2016


a great day at Symposium 2. for me the session takes the form of a bookend to the MA Book Art Course at Camberwell. Symposium 1 is a sharing of life before the course along with aspirations of what is to come. Symposium 2 is the evidence of activity - what has happened over the 2 years within the course and what could be next. Along with the opportunity to see growth and change it also gives a flavour of the final show, although that is still 4 weeks away and a lot can happen in 4 weeks. meanwhile another weekend of theatre beckons - Pulse Festival in Ipswich - looking forward to it all but specifically The Complete Deaths - and then I've still got to catch up with PhotoEast shows some of it is on in Ipswich and some in Halesworth - if you can't get to the Cut art centre in Halseworth to see the moving Eyes of War by Martin Roemers you can see it here I forgot to mention last week - the thoughtful yet/and raucous night out at Norwich Arts Centre - Martin Figura - if you get the chance go see him - if you are middle aged, have kids, are a bloke live and your life through a soundtrack of music it is essential