Thursday, 30 June 2016


so many notes 1!!! - a 10:00 evening slot at Aldeburgh Festival with Messiaen's Petites esquisses d'oiseaux and La Fauvette des jardins played by Lorenzo Soules - its abstraction was exhilarating - it was an extraordinarily powerful experience.
so many notes 2!!! - dropped into the British Museum - while it's still there and free I thought that I would drop in on the way to new designers. it's always best to see just one room as the space can be overwhelming - decided on money - it is truly a wonderful display of mans ability to suspend belief, create abstract realities and false Gods.
some films - whisky tango foxtrot -  a devastating chaotic film that spins gloriously out of control in so many ways. is this what we do in other places? everyone wants some!! - unsure of the films tone - glorying in sexist 'frat boyness'! or irony light? - if just a 'joke' who is it on? - it often felt like the audience. But after the film within the credits is where the film starts to explore something of the issues at hand - each character raps with thoughtful lyrics over cleverly specific music that explores and deconstructs their character and ultimately what each charter stands for. The revised fundamentals of caregiving - a beautiful life affirming film - you will laugh you will cry.
a day at new designers - building the stand - it really is key that year 1 and 2 students on courses  attend - without the knowledge of seeing other students work they are at a disadvantage.

the build and hang for the MA Book Art Show at Camberwell is over - it really is a dynamic exhibition with many wonderful conversations between the works taking place - curating and hanging it is one of the highlights of my teaching year - lots of learning taking place within wonderful conversations with creative people - it will be a winner - all the Postgraduate courses are they - check it out - 14th - 20th July -