Wednesday, 15 June 2016


an afternoon in london - so the wonderful Carol Fletcher gallery has a stunning show by Franco and Eva Mattes its all darkness and the world is going to hell in a handcart with them holding a mirror to our corporate greed filled faces but in a very calm way! - i love their work - you have to admire the full on madness of their engagement with our digital selves - manipulating our behaviour in the space - yes - best video - men using tape to attach a fish to their belly and then watering them - or maybe the one about the bucket salute! Onto the Tate and the private opening for Tate members - well - the building looks space age otherness from the outside but inside the rooms are oddly pokey above the 4th floor - stairs too fiddly - lifts too small - nowhere to charge a laptop or phone and - the most odd design 'decision' I have ever seen in my life - the majority of the windows are covered by the bricks you can see from the outside. but the art was good - and what a huge view from the new platform - intriguing to see Rebecca Horn's actual textile pieces rather than just the images - a huge show of work that explores the performative and another exploring ideas around space and architecture has some excellent curatorial choices. as ever it is a joy to see anything by Louise Bourgeois (except maybe the spiders) but there were some astonishing textile limbs on display. then onto see a selection of the year 1 Chelsea fine art students work in the safe house gallery in Peckham  - bob, darius, julia, kez, laila, louis, lucia, mel, richard and qianqian - new exciting work - if you want to see more check out - young people are excellent.