Sunday, 12 June 2016


working on the latest gloriously mad Paul Cope art combined group thing  - after chair, drain, and shop box we have 100 sq feet - I've been given a 12cm spare panel of wood to work with for an exhibition in Halesworth Gallery - after much thought I chopped it up and played tangram after a few hours I got to knife.... then....using that as a mask to make 101 individual be swapped with 100 other artists and one to auction off.
first outing to this years festival at Aldeburgh was Birmingham contemporary music group playing Julian Anderson’s The Comedy of Change and Benedict Mason’s Nodding Trilliums and Curve-Lined Angles - WOW - controlled disorder ordered and a dose of big fun as they played prepared pianos, rubber balls brushes and at one point the building.  

meanwhile some challenging multi-authorship design on the A12