Sunday, 29 May 2016


I'm disarmed - It's 11:30 and my penises count is already up by 2 - yes I start Pulse festival with naked men - I'm wearing headphones and listening to a woman's voice in my head harassing them. During the weekend I go onto see work that explores death, suicide, eating disorder, sexism, the value of bread, the end of the world - the list goes on and on and the mind becomes filled with moments that include a Spanish woman dressed as zebra flamenco dancing whilst breast feeding plastic zebras, capitalism portrayed as a demented penguin plastic toy, women dressed as fish discussing their relationship, silent magicians playing Jenga, a frenzied dancing woman wearing sparkly pants in a cube, an audience member playing hangman on a white T shirt worn by a black man and revealing that the word was nigger. Highlights- or maybe more of a recommendation are the oddness of Figs in wigs, the magnificent Byron Vincent's show about depression  and if you want a cracking laugh out loud night at the theatre check out Police Cops - it's a bit like watching live Will Ferrel and Robin Williams freestyle having being trained by Buster Keaton - you might just be converted if you don't love theatre. Also managed to fit in a talk with PhotoEast -  extraordinary images of Ipswich docks - the archive  looks excellent.