Sunday, 5 June 2016


Another weekend of the glorious Pulse Festival at the Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich - subjects include genocide, death, EU referendum, evil, personal testimony, war, stars, the universe, aliens, space flight, men, complex astrophysics and sex.

Highlights include the wonderful Ursula Martinez creating a wall, an actual real wall of breeze blocks between her and the audience whilst talking sex racism sex likes and dislikes sex and then sex before taking all her clothes off and walking out into the street followed by camera. She is a must see - one minute you are laughing uncontrollably - the next cringing at the silence created by the thing that she has actually said - yes she really did just say that. You can't not be overtaken by Gecko - their fast paced, highly stage crafted dance washes over, then it slows, stills to a stop forming moments where tableau's that seem timeless are allowed to form and swirl around in one's head.  already looking forward to next year's Pulse.