Thursday, 28 April 2011


here are a couple of late starters on my part -
spotify – i’ve finally got round to getting to grips with it just as its owners attempt to make it less free – but – wonderful – a great way to easily check out new music – i’ve been playing the soundtrack to Tron since watching it last week but its beauty is that it enables you to easily come across such a wonderful excess of sounds - today included The Look by Metronomy, The Monkees album Head, swimming by O’Death which led me to O Death rock me to sleep by Norman Notley from an album of Elizabethan songs – wondrous madness!
All Known Metal Bands - my favourite book of the moment – published a while ago but just found- its basically a list of all known metal bands - who knew there was a band called Aaaarrghh...? but after looking around i also found an online version where through the wonders of new media you can find out more
meanwhile I have started to sew various folded structures together -