Tuesday, 19 April 2011


i am working on the text/textile/words lecture for nuca and getting very excited about the root of words or expressions we use everyday – fair to middling – a phrase my parents use often - fair and middling were terms in the cotton business for specific grades - the sequence ran from the best quality (fine), through good, fair, middling and ordinary to the least good (inferior), with a number of intermediates, one being middling fair – wondrous thing language. at the first meeting for journey to the podium yesterday it was interesting to meet all the artists and see the range of practices that the Essex CC team have chosen. it’s now time to get on with meeting the athletes and making work. meanwhile i have a book - chasing lines, in the Prospero's Library show at Studio 75 http://www.studio75.org.uk/ and my words are in a number of the publications in 'Please do not place drinks on vitrines or books' at focal point gallery in southend http://www.focalpoint.org.uk/exhibitions/current/32/. the book art blog coming out of Camberwell is showing some excellent work – i recommend looking and following some of the links http://camberwellbookarts.blogspot.com/.