Wednesday, 27 April 2011


with all this good weather I’ve been working in the garden on some new ways of folding that explores the very idea of the fold – informed by reading about the fold – obviously starting with Deleuze and moving onto various people who have commented on his writing. this work will form the basis of the contracted research hours part of my teaching at NUCA. I have some work in a show titled PROSPERO'S LIBRARY an exhibition of book art - it runs from April 29 - May 01 2011 set up by Gillian McIver as part of an artist’s run space called studio 75 it’s an interesting idea to be connected with.
I’ve also been asked by Angela O'Kelly a jeweller and curator of contemporary applied art to do some work for the Kilkenny Arts Festival - a festival in Southern Ireland – the idea is to ask makers who manipulate books and explore ideas of books and text in different forms and materials to read some of the books in the literature strand and to respond to them. The exhibition 'Modified Expression' will be an exhibition of transformed books or ideas from the books. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on Patrick McCabe; The Stray Sod Country and Greard Smyth; The Fullness of Time; New and Selected Poems.