Wednesday, 13 April 2011


i have been commissioned to create a piece of work for journey to the podium. its a really exciting project that has teamed me up with Daniel Bentley a world class medal holder. the idea is to make a piece of work about him, the sport of Boccia and the idea of being a sports person in general. i am looking forward to the first meeting with the other artists and athletes next week. as an artist much of the process of making work is invisible – Journey to the Podium is an opportunity to explore the process of thinking and making within a wider community whilst sharing ideas and skills. i see the commission as an opportunity to examine the parallels between art and sport but specifically to look at the reality of the hard work behind the image of sport alongside the idea and value of repetition. I am going to make a limited edition artist’s book that celebrates the individual as well as the idea of training and competing. the book communicates with people but through good design space can be left for the viewer, enabling them to stop and reflect. this is something that i have focused on with the books i have made in the past. the book enables ideas to be disseminated to many but at the same time as an individual you hold the book and feel a personal connection. there are many connections between the athlete and the artist. it would be interested to explore the parallels between the art exhibition and the individual public sporting performance, attempting to make the hidden process public. the idea of self motivation and dedication to getting better at something is something that i am drawn to with this commission. i am interested in both the image of their experience but also what motivates a sports person. i would want to discuss the qualities of concentration, control and commitment and how this leads to building their confidence which in turn leads to physical achievements. i work with people often exploring how and why they do what they do – discovering the systems people work within. the projects i have undertaken with teachers, dancers, musicians, engineers and planners have informed my practice and made me the artist that i am. There is a reflective experience when working within the world of others. i have never worked with athletes but they are goal orientated, dynamic and focused people - a lot like artists. i am interested to explore their discipline and desires around focused repetition, to be a part of their world.