Tuesday, 3 May 2011


this week i’ve been reading Greard Smyth; The Fullness of Time; New and Selected Poems for the Kilkenny Arts Festival and developing an approach to making work - i’ve been really enjoying them and have decided to concentrate on his new work – not wanting to illustrate the words i’ve looking at a way of creating a body of work that in some way captures the individual poems and would work as a set – starting off as quick sketches the pieces are becoming a sort of sculptural haiku - dense and loaded with meaning

tomorrow i'm giving a presentation on powerpoint using powerpoint for year 1 students on the textile course at nuca - this morning i'm draw to the fact that Nelson Mandela did not use powerpoint to inspire a nation but they have to give to a presentation about their work next week and powerpoint will service the occasion!
meanwhile the book show at studio 75 – prosperos books has been and gone – check here to see images - http://blog.situ.org.uk/2011/04/29/prosperos-library-preview/