Friday, 20 May 2016


so far the Norfolk and Norwich Festival has thrown up some interesting events - The James Plays at the Theatre Royal by the fantastic National Theatre of Scotland was awesome - three 2 hour plays in one day! for The Tempest in Great Yarmouth it actually rains indoors and people drown in the Hippodrome Circus where they usually have water spectaculars. last night I  went to see the wonderful Hollie McNish - reading from her book and telling her story of pregnancy was quite mesmerising - if you missed it - check her out on YouTube 
after meetings in London I got to see the conceptual art in Britain show at The Tate a wonderful experience - it was like going back in time - a quiet gallery - 6 people in the space looking and reading and thinking about art - everything black and white, work heavy with thoughts and ideas
in teaching terms - the marks are in and we are now in the middle of hanging work on the Textiles course at NUA - we have created a great space to show work - it all looks good so far.

meanwhile another classic example of i couldn't give a F**K car parking and the poster for a show organised through the printmaking course at Camberwell.