Wednesday, 25 May 2016


a busy day in Cambridge - starting out at the wonderful Maxwell Centre - cycling through the city one enters the site through boardwalks next to one of the many cafes - this one overlooks the landscape - it opens up to the what the future looks like - to a world of energy - I move through to spaces which enabling thinking - free coffee - cool social areas where people meet and talk - surrounded by good design. Then after a great meeting and checking out my work in the show into boundless space I leap - the exhibition of work created as part of the centres opening alongside the Nano project. Then it was off to check out some spaces for Art Language Location  (ALL) where I hope to site work in non-art spaces within Cambridge. Popped into see lines of thought - a great little exhibition in the Cambridge University Library it has some excellent examples from their collection of key moments of knowledge. I also went to the Whipple Museum a space I had never visited which has some fantastical objects which verge on the bizarre. Finally a private view at the Darsham cafe so not a cafe - a great place to feel good and taste good food. They hosted the opening of PhotoEast showing a set of Rodchenko's photographs - beautiful and challenging.