Friday, 13 May 2016


Still looking through the images from Rome but after 2 days of student presentations and 3 days of assessing actual work the marks are complete (apart from recognition of external issues that might occur at the assessment board) - it's an interesting time - the marks are in but not public - the students have no knowledge of their marks but the digital black ink is on the forms in the appropriate boxes.
The first event of The Norfolk and Norwich Festival - The Tempest at The Hippodrome (where a large pool of water that moves and has rain and normally holds water extravaganzas) - it was a spectacle with some great visual moments lodged in my head. Next is the James plays on saturday - 3 plays in one day - full on Scottishness.   
A trip to London to I have my first 'mentor session' with John Grayson who is working on the next wave of Parallel Practices with the Crafts Council. His work is extraordinary in its extraordinary endeavour to elicit a response from its audience - hours of painstaking skilled work goes into each piece. The eye is drawn in by the craft skills employed in the making of the work and the humour embedded within these time bombs of pomposity bursting is a way in to engage the brain. I am already looking forward to our next conversation.
Managed to get to see a few shows Marian Goodman has the most sublime show of work by Ettore Spalletti often the space becomes the work and makes you re-see what you thought you knew. It is truly exquisite - especially the pieces that are so slight almost nothing happens and the site specific piece in a side space is transcendent - I chose not to find out how is was created (easily done by bending down) as I so enjoyed the otherness of it.
Thomson & Craighead: Party Booby Trap is at CarrollFletcher - I am becoming more and more attracted to the work shown there - favourite piece here was a fragrance made from the many elemental elements mentioned in the old testament - wonderful idea.
The Photographers Gallery is free before 12:00 and has on The Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize 2016 There is quite a wonderful homage by Erik Kessel to his dad - a moment when their two worlds beautifully collide even though they occupy different worlds, meanwhile the disturbing work of Trevor Paglen continues - just who is watching us? - the list continues.
White Cube had a fancy way of mapping drug consumption by Jac Leirner - Junkie lite for the IKEA generation.
ICA  has a great show upstairs by Martine Syms: Fact & Trouble.  In the archive area it has PIL images from another time - metal box is just harrowing

finally - Richard Prince at Sadie Coles - crude marks on crude imagery - unsure if two crudes make it okay.