Wednesday, 14 February 2018


excellent day at Camberwell running two workshops one that attempts to explore the impossible - the idea of creating an equation for finishedness in a piece of work and another that looked at the relationship we have as makers of objects with audiences through those very objects. Here are links to the presentations on Slideshare. It's a full on day with equations and diagrams created, negotiated  and shared. This has been developed through the work on the OCA and at the Maxwell Centre in Cambridge through the collaborations and workshops I ran with nano-technologists. The January edition of CavMag is out and the work I was involved in during my residency is featured. Really cool that I get to be in the same pages of incredibly intelligent, driven people who are working on important issues. 

White Cube in Bermondsey has a somewhat amateur looking collection of works on display (maybe that was the point) - but it was a little like what you might do if you had your first stab at a show on a foundation course if you wanted to 'do' installation - Eddie Peake and display 'meaningful objects' - He Xiangyu. The saving grace was that the dj was playing good 'old skool' jungle and there was an extraordinary Gursky on display - looking forward to seeing the show at The Hayward.