Tuesday, 20 February 2018


 4 days in Lisbon- what to say - looking at endless tiled spaces has renewed my love of repeat pattern. I became particularly interested when one pattern juts up against another- this will be the starting point for the next body of work. 
Religious imagery was a large part of the break and was very powerful and particularly gruesome both in its depiction of cruelty and excessive materiality of the trappings involved with being the conduit of faith. Some of the best 'capes' ever - again something to return to re science/art capes. The collection of reliquary in the Igreja de Sao Roque  is one of the most comprehensive - I have never seen  part of the crib before. 
There are so many elements to the trip, more will come out later but for now - some great art - the Gulbenkian in Lisbon is always a favourite of mine - it reminds me of inside spaces within the Barbican. The collection is housed within 2 'old school modernist' buildings using tasteful materials set within glorious grounds. The walk taken from Lisbon’s centre takes you past monumental landscaping with its own seemingly monolithic monuments. The new contemporary art space MAAT with its swooping roof had two shows - digital highway last seem badly hung at the Whitechapel - here the hang gave the work space and a clearer reading. https://www.maat.pt/en Tension and Conflict Video Art after 2008 was an excellent and internationally broad show of video work and had some exceptional work. I have become interested in a concept introduced to me by Barbara Klare, that of artist as first responder and this lemon tastes of apple by Hiwa K is a particular version of this, after 2 months of protests in Kurdish area of Iran the video documents a single simple act that evolves and takes on numerous roles within the video. https://vimeo.com/52581227
And then there is the food - I ate some of the tastiest, creative food ever - grilled octopus that was set on fire and lamb couscous with spearmint sorbet were just two notable dishes - recommendations - Casa dos Pecados, Carmo and Oficina do Duque.