Wednesday, 21 February 2018


looking through more images from Lisbon - love these -
meanwhile just read the latest book by/from Goldie - a totally mad (wonderfully box of frogs mad) with each sentence on every page spinning off into numerous fractured multiple looping tales, evening scores and developing the myth - a boisterous take no prisoners read. Latest podcast’s the dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds- two guys chatting - the premise being that one person doesn’t know the subject- they have a great 'bloke' rapport and are very funny. Start with episodes 310a and 301b and also get to be horrified (even more so) by Trumps history. Whatever you think of him Russell Brand's Under the skin is a very intelligent listen, start with Billy Brag. The Boring Talks takes off-beat subjects and drills down to explore it. some films - if you like your family saga  films messed up watch The Meyerowitz Stories if you like your coming of age, sexual awakening films all lingering in European heat Call me by your name is for you​ and if you desire your relationships fractured and lost but trying Lady Bird is for you

and finally the debut EP from Clerk 37 has some deeply haunting intelligent sounds check it out now.