Friday, 9 February 2018


After an interesting week at NUA where rooms of nervous individuals wielding black folders were to be found talking about possible futures - (yes interviews are underway) the work at Kings on synthetic anatomy continues.....meanwhile ..... today was another great day at Kings - consisting of numerous elements which including getting to grips with new software and the physical process of 3D printing. Pushing a material till it fails is always interesting and making a piece that explored the space of a book was the first of today's questioning of systems and a way of investigating materials. The next print will be of a brain that will explore the interconnectedness within it and create support structures that look like basketwork - maybe 3D printing is a textile activity and our department at Norwich should have one. Shelley James and Andrew Carnie ran a very professional workshop that looked at measuring, mapping and communicating. Making  great connections with my own and Celia's previous workshops. I loved the rules and general set up. It enabled the students to find their inner storytelling skills. Feedback and sharing at the end of the session seems very normal activity within a art education situation and an experience that is familiar but its excellent to watch students unfamiliar with this truly engage with the process and be genuinely interested in each others work.

Woody Harrelson does a great job in LBJ but maybe you have to be American to actually care Phantom Thread is just so beautiful it melts your eyes and the acerbic tone of the actors is just chillingly brilliant when in dialogue with each other. "The tea may be gone but the interruption is still here" is one of my favourite and then there is Justice League - a bit like a CGI infused A team.