Friday, 2 December 2016


A great session this week with Nicola Naismith and Dr Valerie Woods being interviewed for their collaborative Postures of Making project. I have a long history of art related injuries from lower back from printing to misaligned finger joints from cutting but you get on with it. I find myself constantly telling students on looms and print tables to listen to their body and timetable breaks and include yoga and pilates into their schedules.  Being measured, filmed and photographed in my studio sitting and standing enacting the multiple repetitive actions I engage in gave me pause for thought about my own practice. The work I'm engaged in for the nanoDTC work has some really nice links and similarities, the day has made me think about tools and how they are held as well as general ideas around collaboration. My family history of factory working was also an interesting issue to consider - the creation of mini production lines and the ergonomics of how this is laid out. The Ipswich Wolsey Theatre's  Panto was most excellent - oh no it wasn't - I'm afraid my dear sir it was - press night is always tricky, you get the nervous rather than the bedded in casualness but there was still some adlibbing from the more experienced members of the cast. As ever a mixture of all sorts of storytelling is thrown into the mix along with great tunes and some of the most outrageous Dame costumes ever. Timbad the Tailor along with the evil Sinistro really stand out but the whole evening is a real blast - get down to Wolsey for a great night out