Wednesday, 14 December 2016


this week teaching has been all good - working with eight year 3 students from the Textile Design Course at NUA who are creating work for a show at CraftCo in Southwold the exhibition is called made and the work in process can be followed on instagram #madeinprogress. If the work that's proposed by the students  is made it will be an exciting exhibition. Enjoying the latest output from artists and friends - a conversation set up to talk about contemporary art between sid and jim on soundcloud  nice to reference a free art experience - a lift in the Southbank - the original (if there is such an idea with Martin Creeds work) is in the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham. Looking forward to Klanghaus in St George Works in Norwich next week sounds and looks like it might be a return to 80s warehouse interventions which obviously in turn references 60s happenings which probably goes back to Neanderthals hanging out in a neighbours cave.