Wednesday, 21 December 2016


Do you hear voices? - How did I get here? Since I bought my folding bike and feeling the liberation that it has given me I now have another great connection/experience - I came across David Bryne's fabulous book Bicycle Diaries. Created in part from the freedom of having his own folding bike it takes the reader into the inside story. It's like having David talking to you - I would love it as an audiobook - having him directly in your ear. Not that I've ever met him, although I've followed his work from the early days of Talking Heads when the art teacher put Talking Heads: 77 on the turntable in the art room - yes a record player -can you just imagine that.  The list of 'stuff that has made me think' includes so much of David Brynes output - The album Remain in Light  with the truly extraordinary track Once in a Lifetime which in itself has the video where hand movements are used in a hyper unrelated way - but if we're talking about videos I have to mention Road to Nowhere  - The mind twisting film True Stories  True Stories - My life in the Bush of Ghosts with Eno with the haunting Jezebel Spirit - Here Lies Love - the Disco Opera I saw  the National  - The intriguing use of PowerPoint through Envisioning Emotional Epistemological Information  and the insightful How Music Works with ideas of space and time and their relationship to music.

tonight its Klanghaus in Norwich.