Saturday, 31 December 2016


ok everybody has to see Arrival - so many questions - where do memories come from? who makes them? what IS language? it's a truly beautifully heartbreaking mind twisting multiple discussion point film. go now - it will make you a better person. Star Wars - Rogue One  Alan Tudyk as K-2SO steals the show - all the best lines and witty commentary on the overall proceedings - once you've got past the extraordinary special effects, the detailed set dressing and death star imagery the film felt like a colouring in exercise - making the links between two known places in the story, although along the way there are some creative insights into the world that is to be defined by the force. Nocturnal Animals is so stylish that what feels like the central anti-women feeling underpinning the film almost glosses over you. It did instigate a house conversation where I tried to think of a film where the woman, even if treated badly doesn't turn into the person doing the bad thing! The woman in a broken relationship even if the one done-bad-by  always appears not to get the sympathy of the audience as they either turn into a psychopath or the one somehow deserving it by not conforming to the roles society has defined for them, and women in general. You will get to Thelma and Louise but it doesn't end well for anyone). Kurt Russell is in full on acting mode but Terence Stamp's acerbic witty remarks steal the show in the caper that is The Art of the Steal and then..... there is the great series from Netflix - travellers - if you like your sci-fi part time-travel and smart this is for you.  Meanwhile I've been working on the bookwork for the show of average sunlight for millimetre02 space, Kingsgate Workshops.