Wednesday, 13 July 2016


textile designs engagement with teachers day at NUA was successful Grainne and myself, with David and Neil presented two great sessions that enabled everybody to be creative and understand what we do on the course. I have received nomination for a teaching award for my work at Camberwell - it's great to feel what I do is recognised as valuable - thank you - it is much appreciated.  Les is always very energetic and enthusiastic, who will be devil's advocate to ensure are assumptions are challenged.  Always ensures that all individuals in our group (we range from 10 to 16 if 2nd years included) contribute to the group discussions i.e. moderates - otherwise a few noisy individuals would take over.  Most of the students are non-UK and many from China so it's important that space and time are given for everyone to contribute and be listened to - otherwise we all miss out.  Les has brought in his own work too.  Essentially a very enthusiastic teacher whose own practice is wide-ranging and collaborative. White Cube at Masons Yard - the 70s work by Dora Maurer is both beautiful and thoughtful - the pieces are a puzzle but this aspect of the work isn't overbearing allowing the viewer to enjoy the folding. If you are in the area the extraordinarily designed mechanical arm outside the Royal Academy is mesmerising - working out how and where the camera is in relationship to the arm is part of the fun. Punk 1976-78 at the British Library is just sad - it's strange to see one's own personal history becoming historicised and part of a mainstream - punk (lowercase) an activity that never set out to be documented is represented by the beginnings of individual expression through the use of the photocopier and bad haircuts, at least the music is present. some films - nice guys - funny and clever with laugh out loud moments - "you remind me of somebody else who said they were just taking orders - Hitler"! z is for zachariah - rethinking Eden Black Dynamite a knowing blacksploitation experience that is occasionally very funny but mainly lame. looking forward to Grimes at Latitude - making do with the Stella McCartney Film POP at the moment meanwhile I've been recommended Christine and the Queens  - i like her laid back sound - it will work well in the sun!! - I can recommend ....Rodigan who I first saw under the westway flyover - if you love your Reggae - if you like your theatre challenging - sh!t theatre in the Little House will be. if you like your entertainment full of double entendre - duckie is for you - a friend of mine is  performing in Carnesky's Finishing School - it will be transgressive. the film tent is full of great stuff - films about Gary Numan and by Ken Louche who is in conversation with the great Mark Kermode, Adam Buxton with Louis Theroux and a Bug TV David Bowie special and then there's Cassetteboy vs DJ Rubbish. finally if you like your sound to assault you Christopher Brett Bailey's This Machine is for you