Tuesday, 19 July 2016


Helping out on schools day at Latitude made it one of my best ever days at the festival even after 10 years and set the tone for me for the whole weekend! It was fantastic greeting the kids from the different Suffolk schools and taking them onto the site for schools day. Their excitement was beautiful and having the schools wristband and information sash meant that I felt it was possible to just go up to people ask questions and provide support if needed. Spotting sheep, fending off the Trolls under the bridge and helping pond dipping - excellent. Then after all that onto Gob Squad - very funny, gently subversive, interactive deconstruction of film - Christine and the Queens - sweet and then the crowd going wild when old school tracks are interspersed - why not just listen to the original track but then she is charming (old person comment, apologies) - Christopher Brett Bailey's this machine won't kill's all out assault on the body was grindingly awe inspiring - my second time and it just gets better with each experience http://christopherbrettbailey.com/ I really urge you to go see and be dealt with whenever you can - Grimes - squeaky electro pop - not a crime but...saturday Will Hutton excitedly talked to a room of like minded people occasionally sort of providing possible ways forward -  'seems like a good bloke'! Christopher Brett Bailey reading from this is how we die - I last heard this in a room as part of Pulse - the text felt fixed but here his adlibbing shocked me dragging and kicking back to the contextual reality of sitting in a tent in a field. The conversation at the wellcome tent around artificial intelligence with Prof Arthur I Miller & Dr Robert E Smith was constantly halted by their desire to agree their frames of reference and define concepts - most excellent. Cassette Boy = FULL ON FUN with great head spinning twists https://www.youtube.com/user/cassetteboy . Sophie - knob twiddling without much soul but great noises in there. Gold Panda - his beautiful swirling soundscapes were as ever complimented with lyrical projections. I can't talk about the awful Airnadette we will dub you - lip-syncing  is a great idea for 10 minutes but for an hour.....but back to dancing. Suggs - just no - old man wedding disco playing terrible records badly but then magically Rodigan is on the decks all old school sound system teaching us music history dropping squelching, fades all ska and dub and I am transported back in time to dodgy smoke filled rooms of my youth and all of a sudden its 3 in the morning  sunday Mark Kermode - my go-to film person was charming, thoughtful and direct talking about the responsibility of the critic. Mark Thomas's Red Shed had me in tears for an hour - it is important that people like him exist and his performance was a fairly sobering affair. Sh!t Theatre were a wonderful shambles, a new play with an interesting idea at its core, not quite sorted tech wise but I love their 'just getting on with it' attitude. Adam Green - (part of Mouldy Peaches) was just beautiful, stoner punk at its best! New Order  live - not interesting then not interesting now so wandered off around the site taking in the whole vibe for a final time. Where else can you sing along to songs from a big gay song book, dance to some old-skool jungle under the stars at the disco shed and in the Cabaret tent catch Kenny Everett arguing with princess Di and Freddie Mercury about who gets into Heaven (not the club) first. monday back on-site collecting material, tents and stuff to work with - general camping was carnage, who would ever consider recycling again?