Sunday, 10 July 2016


Working on creating the support materials for the teachers open day on Tuesday - join fold reveal: This practical workshop will give you the opportunity to explore the use of the heat-press and folding in creative and experimental ways using a range of different types of materials. In the workshop you will have the chance to use traditional techniques in experimental ways to create new and exciting fabrics. Lots of pleating, folding, cutting and testing - looking forward to spreading the Textile Design at NUA word....
some films - A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence -  wonderfully odd, it will make you stop and think.
Elvis and Nixon - a film that deconstructs a photograph, Spacey IS Nixon but Michael Shannon plays Elvis as otherworldly, disconnected from reality, a lost soul searching and haunted. Marauders - convoluted heist movie.
a day out in Norwich for the British Art Show - - an exhibition oddly bookmarked by two of the pieces I loved which explore the earth as a shifting living entity with Sequencer an installation by Benedict Drew and the film, Children of the Unquiet by Mikhail Karikis. Highlights for me are Ryan Gander - it's always a pleasure to see his quick thinking mind at work and the images of the studio with starting points for work or even the text being the work is a joy.  Feed Me, Rachel Maclean's film is just extraordinary and comments on many of the hates and fears of our current societies concerns - it is a must especially as you can't see the whole work on-line.