Sunday, 25 October 2015


The bonding experiments continue - there are so many possibilities - here I'm working with a felted material and foils - the final fabric has opposites at its core cold/warm, dense/light, anarchy/order. The cape is coming along with a fashion shoot around the corner. meanwhile some films this week - Superbob - what if a superhero lived in Peckham and just wanted  to meet someone because he was a bit lonely? a great premise and funny in a melancholic way - I loved the people of Peckham defending him - "he's doing something important and its none of your concern". 71 - a slice of bloody, brutal divided Ireland - excellent acting but not for the squeamish. Suffragette - well I felt a little like asking where is Dick Van Dyke? it alludes to many issues but....but I get it that it's an important film but it only just makers it because of the narrative arc Carey Mulligan brings to the idea of loneliness. A highlight has to be Dope - it's a coming of age film with many many twists that take you to exciting places - the 'speech' given by the main character about not fitting in was wondrous. And then there is the great music! Our teams proposed presentation to be given at the festival of ideas this Saturday is coming along - there are some incisive questions happening which we hope will spark others.