Thursday, 22 October 2015


I've spent the week in Hunstanton with the year 1 Textile Design students from Norwich NUA. It's an opportunity to meet 'off campus' and all that that gives to the relationships. A glorious Tuesday saw a day of drawing on the beach and around town meanwhile Wednesday was visual games, getting thinking, challenging received wisdom and skill share - what a really nice group of students - I look forward to spending time with them over the next 3 years.
a night of boxing and milk - a pointless fighting - the fight we are all involved in - I have language on my side - don't cry over spilt milk - Franco B cuts a forlorn figure in glorious garb, he is reminiscent of boxers past their prime or saturday afternoon wresters on TV from the 70s - he is fighting for us and for himself - we watch and it's an illusion, it's all in the mind. A wonderful night at Norwich Arts Centre - if you get a chance see Franco B: Milk and Blood somewhere I would recommend it to you.