Saturday, 10 October 2015


My experience of Nano Technology has led me to clean rooms - How does the oppressive otherness of the clean room enable free thought? I thought that maybe I could explore this with creative capes! - but have started off smaller - how can ritual and uniform make one hyper conscious of one's actions and thoughts within an art education context? 
ok another reason why both studying an art subject is so wonderfully expansive and that my job is so great - my favourite conversation this week......  discussing the role and position of British folk customs, the characters and their costumes, for a Research Report led to talking about English traditional music, thinking about folk music and its roots in notions of tradition. Now consider ....if there were a group of individuals who thought that the ideas behind the BMP, NF, EDL, UKIP etc were a good thing and these individuals wanted to explore and celebrate their version of what it is to be English - Englishness etc but they also liked folk music. What would they be called? What would be the name of their band? - yes we came up with the answer - Fascist Folk -  this could be both a group and a genre. A bit like Minimal Gothic - an architectural genre for the guilty who like to think they want a sparse, functional space but harbour a rapt obsession about Cath Kitson. And then... a quick Google search of my new idea - Fascist Folk takes you to straight to Neo-folk....oh well.