Wednesday, 28 October 2015


enjoying the deconstruction within this video and its addition to the what is/can be art discussion. the extensive conversations in the year 1 proposal presentations at Camberwell this week were wide ranging, leading to many many creative thoughts and the titles of the year 2 dissertations illustrate the wonderfulness of the course and its coverage -
what are the different aspects of interactive arts, and is it still possible for artworks to be interactive without the use of technology? RESPECT TO NATURE A brief analysis of land artists' Natural consciouness - take Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Long as example. Haptic Communication of Imagination and Reality. Nothing Matters: Situating the Audiences' Experience of Katrina Palmer's 2015 Artangel Commission on Portland. Behind the Line. Comparing and contrasting approaches to mathematics applied in the aork of Agnes Martin and Cam Wong