Wednesday, 18 December 2013


I’ve been invited by Sarah Bodman from the Centre for Fine Print Research, UWE Bristol, on behalf of the International Association, Moscow Book Arts to be part of an exhibition in Russia. It’s from the 13th March – 18th May 2014 at the State Historical, Architectural, Art and Landscape Museum-Reserve, Moscow.  It’s an interesting group –
Angie Butler, X =, 2012
Anwyl Cooper-Willis, The Elsewhere Necktie Archive, 2011
Barrie Tullett, A Poem To Philip Glass, 2011
Charlotte Hall, Insectapolis, 2013
Christopher Robinson, La Chamade, 2009
Craig Atkinson, Preston Bus Station: Lost and Found, Craig Atkinson, 2013
Elizabeth Willow and David Armes, Hanging Valley, 2013
Guy Begbie, Black Cross Channel, 1998
Hazel Grainger, Digital Doesn’t Make Me Happy, 2013
Helen Douglas / Thomas Evans, Pivot, 2003
Jackie Batey, Future Fantasteek!, 12, 14 and 15, 2012-2013
Jeremy Dixon, Some Like Awesome American Soldiers, 2011
John Bently Liver & Lights No 40 My Ancestors, 2008
John McDowall, Atramentum, 2012
Julie Johnstone, ten skies, 2007
Les Bicknell, blackfold, 2013
Nancy Campbell, Doverodde, 2012
Otto, Dance, 2013
Pauline Lamont-Fisher, teastains, 2013
Philippa Wood and Tamar MacLellan, Mr Craggs’ left-over type, 2013
Sarah Bodman, GM Future, 1999
seekers of lice, quot, 2008
Simon Goode, Various Small Cookies, 2011
Simon le Ruez, Elsewhere, 2013
Sophie Loss, Swinging Susan, 2010
Stephen Fowler, White Heat, 2010
Susan Johanknecht, moments of forces, 1997
Theresa Easton, Thrifty Tips, 2013
Tom Sowden, Fortynine Coach Seats Travelling Along The M4, 2003

I’ve also got a small show at the Centre for Fine Print Research, UWE Bristol from Mon 7th April - Sat 31st May 2014. It will be nice to show the folded 'smocking is evil' sculptural paper pieces to a wider world
Meanwhile my proposal for Cley14 has been accepted so I need to focus on that to firm up some logistics – the statement – proposal for Cley14
the book - a space of debate – a place for the storage and dissemination of information – an exchange – a position – a settlement.
The work takes the form of structures that are created from joining (binding) two or more book structures together. The arrangement of book forms joined together enables reflection on the notion of conversation. It is a comment on the books that are in all of us, a response to the idea that when a person dies it is as if a library is burnt. It is a reflection on our negotiation with ageing and death.
I would like to make an intervention into the graveyard. I would attach at least 2 and possibly more books to every grave. At the moment I am considering working with rope/heavy twine to ‘fix’ the work, although I also like the idea of holding the books down with a large stone collected from the beach, referencing the Jewish tradition of placing stones on graves as a sign of remembrance and a symbol of the permanence of memory.
The books would be very simple handmade and blank. They would act as a symbol of narrative, of story, of conversation. The audience filling in the blanks. The piece would actually be the connection of the books with the stone of the grave, highlighting the text cut into the stone.
The work would change over the time of the exhibition, deteriorating with the weather, but they would be secured so as not to litter the space.

I would also like to display a limited editioned bookwork within the church; it would support the thinking and engage with the ideas behind the intervention outside.