Sunday, 1 December 2013


Well movember is over– pleased with the result but am now smooth faced. Assisted on a photo shoot this afternoon – mirror suit and landscape. The lecture for the Open College of the Arts went well – it really is the future. the presentation looked at the role of research within an art practice – its pivotal position in supporting creative thinking and enabling the making of work. Pecha Kucha’s with year 2 textile students at NUA went very smoothly – their introduction delivers another strand of professionalism which is now embedded in the course. The Thursday lecture by Lee Lapthorne was quite beautiful – mirroring what we talk about in terms of seeking out collaboration, the need to enjoy working on things you are unsure about, failing wonderfully and learning and multi-tasking as a glorious necessary - we really are good at delivering a positive learning and teaching experience to the students.

It’s a busy week coming up with teaching in Norwich for 2 days (mainly assessing) and then London and Colchester. Managed to see a bunch of quite poor films this week......Wild Target - a nice enough jaunt with raft of English luvies doing their thing, The Worlds End - ok – but the funniest moment was the list of pub names which was Very funny, Real Steel - well what to say – boxing robots – it was my own fault that I chose and then watched it and finally Fearless - – relentless but impeccable fighting from Jet Li.