Thursday, 2 January 2014


A trip to London: - Ayse Erkmen: Intervals occupies The Curve at the Barbican – an intriguing mechanical display that controls your movement through the space. I had seen her intervention Plan B at the Venice Biennale 2 yeras ago and was fascinated by her way of working.

Home Truths: Photography, Motherhood and Identity at the Photographers' Gallery has a taken a particular route - of making the private intimate world of women, their bodies and their children public. Elmgreen & Dragset: Tomorrow at the V&A was a glorious intervention into the space and much recommended – bringing the past to life in an accessible way that feels current. The chronological hang at Tate Britain throws up some interesting issues – the history of art taking in only the UK seems limited and as one plods through the isums and contemplates arts connection to real world events the lack of the rest of the world is palpable and maybe just wrong in today’s global world. Maybe themed shows are more relevant than dates. The excellent show downstairs - Art Under Attack, Histories of British Iconoclasm has a fragment of a rood screen from a church displayed where you can see the original painted images whitewashed and black blunt dogmatic text from the bible overlaid.... maybe this speaks more of our time.