Sunday, 15 December 2013


frequently asked questions about time travel is a film which starts out as a pub conversation and ends well with multiple narratives and a lot of apocalyptic thinking in the middle – not bad. The damage from the storm led to several thousand pounds of beach hut devastation but one person was organised and boarded up early.
I ran an experimental book folding session in Colchester for year 1 Design and The Book MA. some of the thinking was led by the recent unpicking and rebinding project. meanwhile I await the editors comments on my text for The Bright Lights journal. see an extract below.
When does a bend become a fold?
Within the project a consideration of a practical aspect of categorization that of the description on the paperwork attached to the object led to thoughts around the use of labels. Each object would have to have a unique set of these labels or tags to be able to distinguish it from any other object and then of course to search for it within a collection. Eventually you would have to have so many categories and sub-divisions of categories that you would have a direct copy of the object and then you would in effect have the object mirroring a pre-linnaeu world of polynomical phrases, the long descriptions that attempt to identify individual species. Thinking about ordering within archives and collections and rethinking how to access them sometimes delivers a lack of trust in the objects themselves. This reminded me of the Borges short story On Exactitude in Science.