Friday, 6 May 2011


it was interesting to work with level 3 textile students at nuca yesterday – delivered a presentation with breakout sessions about pricing their work for the retail space we are creating this year as part of the final show alongside the idea of working freelance – the general feedback was that the course and nuca deliver the tools to enable students to develop a practice, make connections and ultimately a living which felt good
just written a powerpoint presentation for the briefing session on monday with level 2 - its the start of thinking about assessments and feels like real beginning of the end and the start of summer
folding again today in the garden has led to a number of sculptural bookworks that will feed into the work for the Kilkenny Arts Festival – started to think about the idea that the image of the work could become the work.
looking forward to the high tide festival this weekend - off to see nicked tonight - a new musical about the coalition.